Arbitrary power, security theater, and a one-way ticket to disaster

July 13, 2014 by History in a Hurry

We’re queuing meekly in security, clutching a one-way ticket to disaster…

By Peter Hitchens, 12 July 2014

We have become a nation of suspects. The last wisps of British liberty are being stripped away and, as usual, this is happening with the keen support of millions.


Then there are the comical new ordeals travellers must face if they are foolish enough to want to go anywhere by plane.

At least they would be comical if we were allowed to laugh at them, but even to joke about ‘security’ in the hearing of some grim-jawed official is to risk detention and a flight ban.


It was to protect against these things that our forebears fought like tigers against arbitrary power, for the presumption of innocence, for independent juries, and for Habeas Corpus.

It is why they tried to ensure that our police forces never got too big for their boots.

They had seen what happened on the European continent where such safeguards were neglected. They wanted a state that was beneath our feet, not over our heads.

Now, piece by piece, we are losing that. Each piece is so small that most won’t believe it matters, but they slowly pile up into a tremendous threat.


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