Sean Haugh: North Carolina’s chance to rock the political establishment this fall!

July 10, 2014 by History in a Hurry

Could fiscally prudent Republicans, anti-war Democrats, libertarians, and Constitutionalists in North Carolina come together to vote Sean Haugh of the Libertarian Party into the U.S. Senate?

Do North Carolina voters have enough sense — and enough chutzpah — to help Haugh “pull a Dave Brat” on the establishment and make history in the Senate? Do they love an underdog as much as I do?

Haugh is anti-war and anti-debt and understands the proper role of government — what else could you ask for? He has been featured in The Washington Post and on Hardball and The Independents.

See his web site:

Here is one of his folksy, entertaining YouTube videos:

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