No war in Iraq! Call Congress now!

June 20, 2014 by History in a Hurry

See the bottom of Raimondo’s article for your U.S. rep and senators’ contact info.


We’re Going Back to Iraq

–Unless Americans rise up and say “No!”

by Justin Raimondo, June 20, 2014


Yes, we helped arm ISIS, along with our backstabbing Gulf allies – and now we’re sending troops into Iraq who will come under fire from weaponry paid for by American taxpayers. If ever there was a crisis entirely created in Washington, what is happening in Iraq today is a textbook case.


That’s all the political class in this country cares about: maintaining their own power and prestige. And so the way to approach this issue strategically is to demonstrate that the American people have had it up to here with Iraq, and want no part of another war in the Middle East. We did it when Obama announced he was going to bomb Syria: the War Party was taken aback by the sheer spontaneous power of the protest. Many thousands called their congressional representatives and made it crystal clear that they opposed any new war in the region, whether it be on “humanitarian” or “strategic” grounds.

The American people said “Enough!” – “Basta!” – and it’s time for them to do so again, in no uncertain terms. We here at are asking our readers and supporters to call Congress and tell them under no circumstances should we send even a single soldier to Iraq. Not one penny, not one GI! And please don’t tell me it’s useless because they won’t listen – they did last time, as politician after politician, inundated with calls from angry constituents, backed away from supporting the supposedly imminent bombing of Syria.


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