Virginia voters oust a creep from the House of Representatives, boosting the entire country’s morale

June 12, 2014 by History in a Hurry

Here is a lovely little video of Dave Brat, the winner of Virginia’s 7th District House race. He is a pro-liberty, free-market economics professor (and a theologian, to boot):


Here is an apt description of Rep. Eric Cantor, the guy that the voters sent packing. The voters kicked Cantor and the D.C. establishment in the teeth. Dave Brat will take the seat.

Eric Cantor

by Charles Burris

Here is what I have been posting today in the online commentary sections of major mainstream media concerning Eric Cantor:

In his sociopathic career Eric Cantor served the National Security State in the furtherance of its imperial hegemony and projection of power and death, bolstering the invasive surveillance apparatus and destruction of essential rights and liberties once guaranteed by the United States Constitution (which he cavalierly treated as toilet paper).

He had only one unrelenting goal in life, the egregious furtherance of his personal acquisition of unrestrained and total power.

The voters of Virginia finally saw through his vitriolic Machiavellian designs and repudiated him yesterday.

Eric Cantor considered the filthy and corrupt sewer of Washington, DC as his own personal hot tub, supporting fascist corporatism or crony capitalism, favoritism of privileged elite special interests, and the concept of “too big to fail.”

He never spoke out or broke ranks from the progression towards outright fascism over this span of time.

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