American Christians should follow Christ, not Sarah Palin

April 28, 2014 by History in a Hurry

And — which Christian pastor who hobnobs with Palin is going to smack her down for this blasphemy?


Nuremberg Barbie’s Blasphemous Punchline

by William Norman Grigg

If I were in charge, reality TV celebrity Sarah Palin told the recent convention of the National Rifle Association, “waterboarding is how we [would] baptize terrorists.”

Perhaps, as a friend of mine commented, Mrs. Palin would describe force-feeding of hunger strikers in Gitmo as a form of Communion.

The calculated gibe – a casual blasphemy — was a flawless applause line for Palin’s audience, which drew heavily from among conservatives of the sort who are expansively skeptical of power unless it is deployed with lethal effect against anybody the Government has designated an enemy.

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