Americans lost control of their government with the rise of the national-security state

April 3, 2014 by History in a Hurry


by Jacob G. Hornberger

March 31, 2014

Everyone is familiar with where America’s Cold War national-security state apparatus has led our nation: down the dark road of assassinations, torture, indefinite detention, coups, surveillance, regime-change operations, secrecy, tribunals, and other dark-side practices that are inherent to communist and other totalitarian regimes.

But how many Americans ever give thought to the fact that the national-security state apparatus has also converted the duly elected president of the United States into an official liar?

From the first day he enters office, the president’s integrity is compromised. That because of the doctrines of “covert activity” and “plausible deniability” that are an inherent part of national-security state operations.

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