Sign the petition to draft Judge Andrew Napolitano to run for president

December 28, 2013 by History in a Hurry

What would you pay to see the Judge dismantle Hillary?

Help Us Get Judge Napolitano In the Race Or It’s 4 Years of Hillary

By November 2016, Republicans won’t be able to rely on the foibles of ObamaCare to win back the White House. They won’t be able to count on reverse coattails – that disgust with the outgoing president will provide momentum for their candidate. They’ll likely be running against a woman, and Americans will be weighing whether it’s finally time for a woman president.

And if that woman is Hillary Clinton, it will take an extraordinary candidate to beat her. The usual bench of moderates, anti-moderates and fire-breathers will not do it. It will have to be someone with whom the voters are familiar, someone they recognize as a conservative yet don’t associate with the dysfunction that is Republicans in Congress.

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