Free at last: Detroit stiffs the municipal unions

December 6, 2013 by History in a Hurry

Free at Last! Detroit Stiffs the Municipal Unions.

Written by Gary North on December 4, 2013

A judge has upheld the bankruptcy of Detroit. In one fell swoop, the taxpayers of Detroit have freed themselves from the economic burden of the retirement and health programs that had been promised to municipal union members.

For decades, the liberal political establishment had bought votes from the unions. They had signed agreements guaranteed to bankrupt the city.

Taxpayers moved out of Detroit. Welfare recipients stayed put. It took 40 years, but the city went bust. The judge has now confirmed the obvious.

The unions are howling bloody murder. Let them. They can’t get blood money out of a turnip.

This is the light at the end of the tunnel. This is deliverance. This is the wave of the future. Just declare bankruptcy.

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