Lawrence A. Hunter: Obamacare was designed to self-destruct, but not so quickly nor generating so much alarm

December 4, 2013 by History in a Hurry

HUNTER: His plan is to destroy America’s private health care industry

Obamacare was designed to self-destruct, but not so quickly nor generating so much alarm

by Lawrence A. Hunter

Obamacare has blown up on the launch pad. People are having their health plans canceled, and they are now stranded, unable to replace their old insurance policies with new plans purchased through the insurance exchanges because the Obamacare website is dysfunctional. President Obama is trying to prevent a chain reaction from getting out of control by proposing a system restart, requiring insurance companies to reinstate canceled plans for a year to give the administration time to “fix” the website and get the exchanges operational.

The turmoil with Obamacare is best understood not as an unexpected explosion, but rather as a case of controlled demolition gone haywire, in which the control mechanisms were short-circuited and the timing of the charges were out of sync. Rather than blowing up, the website and insurance exchanges were meant to manage and control the demolition of the rest of the private health insurance market. The president’s latest maneuver is a damage-control effort to fix the website’s wiring, delay and re-sync the demolition charges, in effect restarting the controlled demolition of private health insurance.

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