Google, Yahoo et al have the power (and money) to fight back against the NSA

November 4, 2013 by History in a Hurry

Google, Yahoo et al have the power (and money) to fight back against the NSA

The tech billionaires should create the anti-surveillance, pro-security equivalent of the National Rifle Association

by Dan Gillmor,, Friday 1 November 2013

It is dawning, at long last, on the major American technology companies that they are under attack – from their own government, not just from foreign powers and criminals. They’d already been co-opted by spies and law enforcement, forced to obey secret orders targeting their customers and users. Or, in some cases, they’d willingly collaborated with the government’s mass surveillance schemes.

Now they are realizing that their own government considers them outright adversaries. They understand, especially in the wake of the Washington Post’s report about western spy services hacking into the intra-corporate networks of internet giants Google and Yahoo, that no amount of cooperation will ever satisfy the people who wage a relentless campaign to spy on anything and everything that moves. (The NSA, of course, has issued a denial of sorts, but it’s more of a non-denial denial of the Washington Post report).

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