Withdraw your consent: Catherine Austin Fitts on how to stop propping up a corrupt politico-financial system

October 30, 2013 by History in a Hurry

The big bankers are crooks. The politicians are corrupt. The bureaucrats are fraudsters. But who tacitly upholds and facilitates all of the fraud and corruption? Here is an idea you rarely come across: The American people consent to, facilitate, and benefit from the entire corrupt system.

We have met the enemy and he is us!

How would we go about setting up a model that is not dependent on crime and fraud? Catherine Austin Fitts, who has worked for both Wall Street and the federal government and is currently an investment adviser, discusses these ideas during her recent interview with Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog.com.

Fitts says that the first step is to withdraw your consent. Turn off the mainstream media, don’t believe what the government says or rely on the government for anything, and get your money out of the big banks.

Fitts explains that “the legacy systems” (the old way of doing things) are breaking down, so people need to build personal resilience for the transition. Two suggestions she mentions later in the interview: Don’t get angry about the changes and losses you will experience, and build a supply of clean food and water to support yourself.

Here are some other ideas for withdrawing your consent and becoming more self-sufficient, which I posted a few months ago.

(The clip I’ve highlighted is about 11 minutes long; it may take 30 seconds for the video to start.)

Link: Catherine Austin Fitts on USAWatchdog.com – Oct 27 – YouTube.

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