Photos of war-torn Syria

July 18, 2013 by History in a Hurry

See pages 4 to 11 of the below PDF for photos of scenes from Syria. They’re published in the latest edition of The Word Antiochian Orthodox Christian magazine.

The ancient, biblical, apostolic Orthodox Church was strong in Syria until the recent war: “And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch” (Acts 11:26). Now Christians there (as well as Muslims) are being massacred.


American politicians carry out an interventionist foreign policy and supply the “rebels” with various types of aid, American war profiteers make a bundle on every gun, bullet and bomb they sell, and American taxes help to fund the death and destruction.

See this column for a brief explanation of what’s going on in Syria:

Syria: Washington’s Latest War Crime

by Paul Craig Roberts

One wonders what Syrians are thinking as “rebels” vowing to “free Syria” take the country down the same road to destruction as “rebels” in Libya. Libya, under Gaddafi a well run country whose oil revenues were shared with the Libyan people instead of monopolized by a princely class as in Saudi Arabia, now has no government and is in disarray with contending factions vying for power.

Just as no one knew who the Libyan “rebels” were, with elements of al Qaeda reportedly among them, no one knows who the Syrian “rebels” are, or indeed if they are even rebels ( Some “rebels” appear to be bandit groups who seize the opportunity to loot and to rape and set themselves up as the governments of villages and towns. Others appear to be al Qaeda. (

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