Have a happy 4th — in spite of the corrupto-crats

July 3, 2013 by History in a Hurry

The following image has floated around online, along with an opinion piece that says everyone should skip July 4th celebrations as a protest against the government, because there is no freedom left in America and “Independence Day” is a cruel joke.


I agree that our nation is in distress, which the upside-down flag symbolizes.

Corrupt politicians in both parties, greedy corporate oligarchs, and lazy, ignorant citizens have caused the distress.

But I say celebrate the 4th of July anyway. Celebrate the Declaration of Independence and the founding of the nation, use the day to educate others, and do what you can the rest of the year to restore liberty to America.

Here is what I’m posting on my porch with my correctly flown flag:


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-Harry S Truman

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