New World Order: Item One (The media admit it’s real)

May 14, 2013 by History in a Hurry

A day late and a dollar short, CNBC figures out the New World Order

Now that the takeover of major sovereign governments by the mega-banks and corporations is nearly complete, CNBC tells us in this 4-minute clip that we are beholden to central bankers.

Huh. So all the predictions about a New World Order (NWO) aren’t just conspiracy-theory mumbo jumbo? There actually are power-hungry, criminal businessmen and politicians constructing a world government?

Thank God the dinosaur media warned us! Or, as an astute commenter at the bottom of this YouTube video puts it: “Main stream media gives you drips of truth and floods of bull—-!”

I’ll post more this week on this topic. But here is the first item for your consideration:

CNBC admits We’re all SLAVES to CENTRAL BANKERS – YouTube.

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