Two citizens’ comments sum up America’s wild week

April 20, 2013 by History in a Hurry

After a week filled with bombings, manhunts, shoot-outs, poisoned letters sent to politicians, and a fertilizer plant explosion, a comedy writer’s quip captured the lunacy:


And a commenter on an ABC News article astutely questioned the government overlords’ incompetence and police-state mentality during the Boston events:

All comments from kurtgbbg

In Response To: Gunshots Reported on MIT Campus in Cambridge, Mass.

I’m quite certain that what I’m about to say will offend many of you, but this is the truth I see. Law enforcement failed miserably. The FBI let this terrorist free after spending 6 months with Islamic extremists. The Boston PD failed at the marathon. 2 of Boston’s finest were gunned down. Boston lost 1 Billion dollars in shutting down the city. Then when all is clear 20 minutes later a gunfight arises to find a pitiful punk in a covered boat. We let an injured 19 year old jerk hold 1 million people hostage in their homes. Then we cheer the 2000 law enforcement officers. Thank God they are alive! But name me another major city in America that would have mandated we stay in our homes. Dallas? LA? Miami? NY? I think not. We have encouraged other Islamic punks to do the same I’m afraid{8E0E3282-1087-426B-A94F-31A72373B114}#.UXKYKr9qIw8

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