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March 26, 2013 by History in a Hurry

Below is an email I just received from Memoria Press. My daughter and I use several Latin resources from Memoria Press for our homeschooling. The company also offers various courses, for grades 3-12, via their online academy (which would work for homeschooling, after-schooling or summer school).

One course that caught my eye is Government and Economics for high-schoolers, covering classical political philosophy in the fall and classical economics in the spring. If my kids were in high school, I’d sign them up for that in a heartbeat.


Memoria Press Online Academy
Registration Open – Early Registration Discount Until July 15th!

Registration is open for the coming school year and our 2013 – 2014 online classes are filling up quickly! The Memoria Press Online Academy is a classical Christian school that provides live, high-quality video instruction in Latin, Logic, Classical Studies, Literature, History, Science and Mathematics. For the upcoming school year, we have several new faculty members and many of our teachers are instructors at Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY. Along with this, our solid, classically based curriculum will guarantee that your student receives quality instruction from experienced teachers. And with our flexible scheduling and live format, there are courses for just about anyone.

We already have an early registration discount reflected in the prices of our 2013 – 2014 classes that will continue until July 15, 2012. There’s nothing additional that needs to be done in order to obtain the discounted class price, as it is already reflected in the price you will see on the website. After July 15th, prices will revert to normal and be $25 more for semester classes and $50 more for full-year classes.

See the site for course details:

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