An armed society

February 28, 2013 by History in a Hurry

Do you know the country that Adolph Hitler was afraid to invade, and why?


An Armed Society

by Stephen P. Halbrook

In 1444, at a small river in northern Switzerland known as Saint Jacob on the Birs, some 1,400 Swiss Confederates wielding bows and arrows, polearms, and swords attacked 44,000 French invaders, some of whom were armed with a new technology–firearms. After four hours, 900 Swiss were killed, but the remanent defiantly refused to surrender. They were promptly massacred and thrown into mass graves. The audacity of the small Swiss force to assault a massive, seasoned army served to deter further invaders. European tyrants of the day must have thought, “Don’t mess with the Swiss–they’re crazy!”

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