Is the Democratic Party despotic?

January 15, 2013 by History in a Hurry

Awash in hypocrisy and hubris, Obama and his party push toward despotism

by Michael Scheuer

Josef Stalin is reputed to have said something akin to “one death is a tragedy, 25,000 deaths are a statistic.” Surely, President Obama has proven that Uncle Joe was right almost every day since the shootings in Connecticut.

Remember the president’s “touching”, tear-filled statement after the shootings? Weeping crocodile tears over the deaths of those 20 youngsters, Obama played his scene with actor-like skill and sincerity. Indeed, he almost made you forget that he leads a party that has protected a “right” of American women — and their profiteering executioners at the American Medical Association — that has yielded the murder of more than 50 million other American youngsters since 1973. The deaths of those Connecticut youngsters were nothing short of a human calamity; that said, the death of those 50 million other youngsters is a human holocaust that makes Hitler look like an amateur murderer and puts Obama, Clinton, Carter, and their party in the running with Stalin and Mao for the top spot on history’s list of all-time mass murderers.

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